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Friends deliver Rebekah’s Birthday Piñata
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Visas & Permits
We plan to apply for longer term visas in April.  Please pray that we’ll be granted them with no crazy issues.  It’s been a little different for everyone we know who has applied for this particular visa.  Will you join us in praying that we’ll have access to all the documentation we need, favor with officials, and a positive reply from the Mexican Government?
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• Excellent Mountain Outreach
• Rebekah turned 10!
• New leads into unreached mountain regions
• Kids did well at camp
Prayer Requests
• Long-term Visas
• For those who heard the Gospel during the trip
• Continued favor with village leaders
• Sanctifying work of God in our lives
We’re currently living at the Wycliffe Base close to Oaxaca City while our kids attend three weeks of classroom experience for homeschoolers.  They are studying inventors, enjoying creative writing, PE & Art.  They’re also loving the opportunity to live near other MK’s and playing outside with them daily.  Next week the parents will attend a Language Acquisition workshop.  We’re enjoying learning from the Bible Translators on the campus and learning how we can come alongside of and help them with church planting in the areas where they are working.  This time has been very encouraging for all of us.
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Thank you for your one-time and monthly financial gifts.  They are significant to us and we thank you.  We are currently supported to cover 86% of our monthly budget.  We are happy to share a copy of our budget with anyone who asks.  To mail in support, make check out to To Every Tribe and send with a little note indicating Jim Hasse to:
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“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”
1 Thessalonians 12:1b-2

Annalise chillin’ on our front porch

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The Word Will Not Return Void
An update on the Spring Trip into the Oaxacan Mountains 
A few weeks ago we held a medical and dental clinic outreach in a village To Every Tribe has committed to bring the Gospel.  The Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP) sent down fourteen students and one staff member to assist our team for the clinic.  Around six of the students had dental training in the “hand tool techniques” Lori learned a few years ago.  

We do these types of clinics to communicate our love for them and let them know that we do care for them and respect them as a “people group”. The village we went to is part of the indigenous Zapotec people that reined the mountains of Oaxaca during the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ.  These people are very much a part of the rich culture of Oaxaca.  For them, the mountains of Oaxaca are not just their home, they are a large part of who they are.  These mountains have secluded them for many years.  The only way to contact them was by helicopter or an insane hike over multiple mountains. Up until around thirty years ago, there weren’t any roads reaching them.  Then logging companies started to request their trees in exchange for roads and a few other benefits.  As we drive on these rugged, twisty dirt roads we realize that God purposed these roads to be built for the spread of His Good News.  He is the God that all people must stand judgment after our final hours here on earth. But He cares for us, because He is Love.  The greatest way we can demonstrate our love for these people is to share with them the love of God.   To tell them how He sent His Son to die on our behalf so that God no longer will judge those who trust in Him as condemned, but justified.  Justified, because He is a God of grace.  He gives us mercy so that we can have a new life and perfect fellowship with Him.  That we might praise Him for who He is in this life and the life to come.  This is the ultimate reason for our outreach to these people.  We want to stretch out our hands to the Zapotecs to bring them physical healing, but our ultimate concern is for their spiritual healing.  The physical is only temporal, but the soul is eternal.
We want to tell you more stories about the trip, but don’t want this letter to be ridiculously long. PLEASE, check out our blog to read stories about the people’s response to hearing, for the first time, an audio recording of the Bible in their language, about the couple who undestood the Gospel with joy, the crippled man confined to his bed, and other stories from the trip.
If you’re not able to access the blog, please send us a note at and we’ll send you an email with the blog content.
Kids at Camp
Thank you for praying for all of us while we were scattered about.  All three kids were at camp in Puebla for four days.  Jim left on Friday and the kids loaded up on their bus on Saturday morning.  It was not the easiest of partings, but we all survived.  Actually, the kids thoroughly LOVED camp and being with their friends non-stop for four days.  They came back with stories about crazy songs at meal times, all sorts of new games, and skit night.  I’m still hearing more stories about camp.  Micah ended up in a cabin with three boys and three counselors.  That worked out well for him since he was a bit sad about leaving me behind.  Rebekah bunked with a counselor she had met before and made friends with a cabin full of girls she’d not met before.  Elijah was with his friends and had a blast.  They and our other To Every Tribe friends on the trip all seemed to take care of each other when their activities overlapped.  Each of the kids wished that camp had lasted longer than just four days.  I take that as a good sign.
Annalise and I did well together at our home in Oaxaca.  We played games, went for walks outside, watched Elmo and a Barbie movies, ate and took naps.  She learned early on not to climb the stairs without me after she took a four step tumble.  Thankfully she wasn’t badly hurt, but did learn not to do that adventure alone.  I really enjoyed having her with me.  She woke up so cheerfully and not so early in the mornings.  It was fun, but busy, having a little one around.  She turned two just last week.  I’m thankful the Lord had a task to keep me busy while Jim and the kids were away.  I think I would have been quite sad at home all alone without Annalise.
The Mission Field of the Heart
“For the missionary, the biggest mission field is his own heart.”  
AJ Gibson, To Every Tribe Mexico Field Director

There’s something about living in another culture, away from the comforts and distractions of the US, that really brings to surface areas of sin in your life.  I’ve heard other missionaries speak about it, but now I understand.  When you deal with constant sickness or frustrations and inconveniences, when things in culture don’t make sense to your American mind, when everything takes work, sinful attitudes seem to come to the surface.  The Lord has been graciously “cleaning house” these past few months.  I’ve just started reading a book, How People Change and just picked up another book by Milton Vincent, A Gospel Primer for Christians.  The Lord is showing me some errors in my thinking and is bringing me more in line with Scripture.  I’m sure I’ll have more to share with you along the way. Thank you for praying for us along this journey.

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John “Rabbit” Bundrick (The Who, Free, Bob Marley, solo) – an interview by Thodoris Dimitroulas from Greece

Friday, October 14th, 2011

John “Rabbit” Bundrick (The Who, Free, Bob Marley, solo)

EXCLUSIVE:Hit Channel had the great honour to talk with a living legend:John “Rabbit” Bundrick. “Rabbit” is The Who’s keyboardist for more than 30 years. Previously he was a member of Free (“Heartbreaker” album).He has also played with Bob Marley,Roger Waters (“Amused to Death” album),Johnny Nash and Eric Burdon (The Animals,War singer) among others. Read below the great answers he gave us:
Which are the current projects you’re involved in?Are you doing any recordings this period?
I’ve just finished doing some Snowy White (ed:Roger Waters,ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist) gigs in Holland and Germany, and will do more with Snowy as time goes on. We get on really great, and have a mutual respect for each others playing.
How you came in contact with Night Parade guys?Did you live in Liverpool like them?
I met them all when they hired me to play keys on their last album. It was a great meeting, and we instantly became friends. I just wish someone with some ‘clout’ would sign them up and give thema chance at the big time. Great guys and great musicians. Rob writes fantastic songs and has a very unique voice. Things are slow for them right now, but they are still plodding on, so fans, you can check them out on my website,
How possible a new The Who tour?I know Pete Townshend is recording right now..
Well, it’s all down to Pete an when and if he wants to work again. I know there’s something in the pipeline, but have no details of anything definite. We’ll see…He’s the boss, the rest of us just wait around for him to be active.
Do you think the period you were playing with Johnny Nash was very important for your later career?
It kickstarted my whole professional career as a giggin’ musician. Without working with my dear friend, Johnny Nash, it led me on to other work including Bob Marley, Free, I became the ‘staple’ keyboard player for Island Records in the early ’70s, and branched out all over London to other artists and producers, Glyn Johns (ed:Led Zeppelin engineer,famous rock producer), Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane (ed:Faces,Small Faces bassist,deceased) and Glyn is the guy that introduced me to me, Joan Armatrading, Andy Fairweather-Low, and countless others..Micky Most (Donovan’s “Cosmic Wheels” album and solid session work).  Johnny Nash is responsible for all of this, thanks John.
Do you think your solo albums should have received more recognition from fans and press?Many of these are excellent works!
Of course I do, but the problem was that I had no ‘band’ of my own to tour and gig those albums, so really it’s partly my fault for not getting a band of my own, and working the songs Live. I was doing so many sessions for others, and the Studio is where I am the most comfortable, as opposed to the stage, that I never even thought of having my own band. Thank you for the nice comment on their worth.
Do you miss old friends like Paul Kossoff (Free guitarist),Bob Marley,Jim Capaldi (Traffic drummer), and John Entwhistle (The Who bassist)?
 Goes without saying, I miss them all everyday, and have pictures of them in my studio so I can get their vibe going here, which inspires a lot of my work. I could have easily been a casualty as well, and thank God for allowing me to continue on with my Life & Career. Long may it last.
When you first met Bob Marley in Sweden,did you expected that you would become close friends?Were you familiar with reggae before meeting him? 
When I met Bob in Stockholm in 1971, he was just a songwriter for Johnny Nash, as  per the Marley Tracks Johnny used on the “I Can See Clearly Now” album. I’d never heard of Reggae before that, so Bob personally taught me how to do the organ reggae style while we were recording songs for Johnny in Europa Film studios in Stockholm. Bob, and myself were taken to Sweden by Nash to help compose songs for the Film Johnny was starring in at the time. Fabulous days, fabulous days, the best so far……..
Do you have happy memories from Roger Waters’ “Amused to Death” recordings?Was Roger a easy-going person to work with?
Yes, very good memories. He is such a talent to reckon with. His music is the ‘original’ Pink Floyd sound. I did a bit of work on “Amused to Death”, a bit of Hammond here & there, that’s all, but it was a mind-blowing experience to hear ‘that sound’ coming into my headphones as I fumbled along trying not to let the nostalgia   and jaw dropping music that I was playing too. Wow !…what an artist that guy is, what a talented, intelligent man Roger is (ed:unfortunately,many Greeks learned the name “Roger Waters” last summer). 
Do you like today Eric Burton’s “Survivor” album?It has some great musicians playing there (Alexis Korner,Zoot Mooney,P.P Arnold).. 
Yes I do, and you know what?, I’m playing on that album too (ed:that’s why I’m asking for that). Eric covered 2 of my “Broken Arrow” songs on his album a couple of years ago, “Muddy Water” and “Devil Run”…..My Crawler drummer, Tony Braunagel produces Eric’s albums today, and Crawler’s bass player, Terry Wilson, is in Eric’s current touring band. It’s all in the family. Musicians as old as us eventually get to know these old ‘rock stars’,  ha  ha.
You’ve played with many great musicians. Is there anyone you’d like to work with and hasn’t happened yet?
Uh, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, too many to list.  I’ve met them all several times, but they already have their own keyboardist, like I am the Who’s keyboarist, the others have their own favorite guy they like to work with. Once you’ve worked with a certain band for as long as I have, means I know the in’s and out’s of how they work, live & play, so they can rely on their main man on keys to slot right in whenever the time comes.
Have you ever been in Greece?Send a message to Greek fans.
Nope, but would love to visit. I know Greece is having trouble right now, but hope that the trouble doesn’t ruin the people’s of Greece vitality and energetic outlook on Life. Hang in there you guys, hang in there.
A huge “THANK YOU” to Mr John “Rabbit” Bundrick.


Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Jimmy Kunes

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I’ve just been doing a bit of work with Jimmy over the Internet.
He sends me stuff down the ‘wire’, and I have a jolly time over-dubbing
brand new keyboards and then send it back to him. He’s a great song writer and
vocals are supreme. We work great together. And the thrill of it all?…
he comes from two of my favourite bands………..SAVOY BROWN…..and CACTUS, with the old
Vanilla Fudge band members. I’m in my Element here Ya’ll…………….


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HAPPY NEW YEAR – HAPPY 2011 from Rab & Jody

Friday, December 31st, 2010




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Monday, October 11th, 2010
The Rhythm Tramps: Christmas Reggae Sandwich

A Complete Christmas Reggae Party as ‘LIVE’ as ‘You’ will be at Your Office or Home Christmas Party, including Warts and all. Bring the recording studio, reggae band included, to your Party with these favorite christmas carols, all done “reggae-style”. This album is a ‘ PARTY ANIMAL’, infectious, funny, fun, with bumps, start ups, and falling about laughing endings. You’ll sing along and dance to this for sure, and if you listen carefully enough, (or loud enough), you’ll hear the band doing the same thing. Featuring John Rabbit Bundrick on keyboards & vocals, GT Moore on reggae guitar & vocals, Tony Braunagel on drums & vocals, Terry Wilson on bass, ‘Lord’ Ted Bunting on horns, The Princess of Persia on background vocals, and B.J. Cole on steel guitar. We recorded this in the smelliest, smallest dingy studio we could find in London, just to get that Party vibe. Put this on at your party and then just do your thing, whatever that might be, and soon the music will do what music should do at a party…..Dance, sing, scream, fall over, laugh, get drunk, get high, roll around on the ground, whatever takes your mind away from work and woes. (warning) This music is for Christmas Parties. Turn it up and party down. Expect the odd start ups, count in’s, falling apart at the seams endings, and a whole lot of fun going on.

CRAWLER-Best of Live and Burning

Monday, August 16th, 2010
Crawler: Best of Live and Burning

Live At My Fathers Place +Studio Tracks (feat. Paul Kossoff)

Monday, August 16th, 2010
Crawler: Live At My Fathers Place  +Studio Tracks (feat. Paul Kossoff)


Monday, August 16th, 2010
John Rabbit Bundrick: Venus

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