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Boys From Houston: The spirit and image of our music. by Vicki Welch Ayo (Author) , Matthew Ayo (Editor)

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

This music retrospective book glimpses rare photographs and interviews with the musicians and in-crowd that made this happening scene explode in the decade of the 1960’s in Houston. The story is told from the stage and behind the scenes.


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Boys From Houston
By TexasRider on July 9, 2013
The explosive new book, `Boys From Houston’, by the exciting new author Vicki Welch Ayo is a retrospective window into the music revolution of the 1960s that swept across Texas and through the rest of the country. Until now, it seemed that a published history of the dynamic story of the musicians, bands and venues was a fleeting venture at best. However, Vicki has immortalized these important events in her new book through detailed interviews with the musicians and their fans. The impact of the British invasion, the meteoric rise of “garage bands”, the iconic music venues, the story of the bands as well as their successes and disappointments are prominently portrayed throughout the book. It is difficult to capture the complete story of the musical phenomenon sweeping through Houston during this era because of the vast numbers of musicians that were a part of this historical musical event, but Vicki brilliantly captures a large majority of bands in her book. I applaud her exceptional interview skills, whereby she uncovers the more relevant and intriguing memories of the musicians as she delves into their most private lives. As a musician herself in the 60s and 70s, her experience weaves the story into a musical history of these musicians and bands that revolutionized music throughout the country. I do not believe that this story would have been told with such intensity and insight without the burning desire through the years that Vicki has maintained since her youth to tell their story. After years of personal research, Vicki will immerse the reader into a world that only a few have lived in. The real impact of the book is that it will be enjoyed by fans of all ages, musicians, musical historians and anybody who loves the era of the 60s or the excitement of the stage and concerts. I was fortunate enough to assist Vicki in her final edits and reviews before publication, and her enthusiasm and desire to keep the book real was her victory. I find the book `Boys From Houston’ to be the most complete, documented story of the music revolution in Texas and I believe it will receive wide acclaim in the future.

Excellent book, truly and accurately captures the 60s decade of Houston music
By dStruct on July 9, 2013
I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the completed book, and let me tell you it’s awesome. A complete and accurate history of the bands and people in the 60s decade of Houston music, with detailed never before seen interviews and never before released images. I would highly recommend this book to anyone into Houston music history!

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