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The Puss Puss Band – Music with a Pulse!

KiKi Skinner  | May 12, 2017

Can you hear my echo?   Yes?  Okay, listen up!  

Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies and Gentlemen).  Get ready (Get ready).  To be (to be). Stoked!!! (STOKED). 

In short, these guys know what they are doing.  So clever.  This CD plays like a new age Italian sonnet set to the awesome playing skills of outstanding musicians along with great lyrics and vocals.  

The Puss Puss Band is a Folk, Pop, Jazz two piece duo from the UK that encompasses members Asa Galeozzie & Lee Pugh. 

These guys have played with many UK and Welsh artists and bands for years and just a decade ago they decided to try their hands at writing and being session musicians, and let me just say that I am so glad they gave us a peak into their writing and vocal world because it was so worth it.  And if two musical geniuses were not enough on this cut, they’ve collaborated with piano legend John Rabbit Bundrick to seal this album with splendid instrumentation and classic music. 

This is a review of The Puss Puss Band’s new album entitled “Echoes across the Cruel Sea.”  Twelve songs of pure chilled indie Pop: 

  1. Bucko’s Lullaby
  2. Alone
  3. Fall Back Down
  4. Cliff Song
  5. Inwake
  6. Bees Wax
  7. Say It First
  8. Thinking of You
  9. Feline Fine
  10. End of June
  11. Perfect World
  12. Not Just You 

Three musical masterminds kicked up a great CD where each song delivers something for its listeners with a mix of Pop, Folk, Jazz, and I think ROCK.  These seven songs are my highlights.  

We are introduced into The Puss Puss Band’s world with the opening track “Bucko’s Lullaby.”  This song starts off as a little lullaby but grows bigger and bigger.  This has become one of my favorites as Lee Pugh’s voice rings Bon Jovian on this, and the classic percussions with clear brass just eludes to Sunday mornings when you just want to stay indoors and create.  

The second track entitled “Alone” has the piano as another artist and it keeps the feet moving.  This is a put on your boyfriend’s shirt and just dance type of song.   In addition, it encompasses the magic that U2 prides themselves in building – simplicity with a kick. 

There’s a nostalgic feel to “Cliff Song.”  If you love psychedelic instrumentation, then you will love this song. 

The most illustrative song on the album is entitled “Thinking of You.”  There’s a hidden out-of-breath effect on this cut that gives the emotion of a person wanting to ask but is afraid to get the answer – anxiety and anticipation are all wrapped up in this song.  The lyrics read “Do you ever think about me? / The way I think about you? / Say you’re thinking of me / Can’t stop thinking of you” – Can you feel it? Breathless, anxious, waiting, thinking!  

Feline Fine” is the ninth track and I fell in love with the big band appeal on this cut – so fun to hear this song.  John Rabbit Bundrick plays the piano in this cut so smooth and so elegant that it makes the listener just melt away.  Accurate rhyme scheme and great play on words!! 

With a world so full of chaos today, “Perfect World” is the song to listen to and it makes it alright.  An endearing in-your-face message wrapped around a great vocal and inspiring stringed instruments to set the tone of PEACE. 

Not Just You” is the twelfth and final track. First, you hear a mellow introduction and then Lee’s vocal comes in strong and really stands out front as an engaging first tenor / baritone.  This track closes the album with its frankness and tells the story about wanting to be someone, or something, else.  True, this is not just a one person issue – everybody gets in this slump.  

And that brings me to the title of the album – “Echoes Across the Cruel Sea” which metaphorically ties in the entire scheme of the CD where each song poses a problem and gives a solution like a musical sonnet telling the stories of life’s echoes:  echoes of truth and dare, echoes of love and passion, echoes of fear and anxiety, echoes of the internal struggles of just being human, as well as echoes of time and social issues.  

And like many problems posed to us, we do what “The Puss Puss Band” states in their track Bucko’s Lullaby, “What happens when love goes lame? / You screw it all up and start over again / You box it all up and start over again.”  

Not since Simon and Garfunkel, Tears for Fears, or Burt Bacharach have we, the listening audience, been given great story telling as this.  

If anything musically ever reverbed an echo to your ears to help you remember it, forget about it, because, these guy’s songs send an echo that resonates to your ears, flutters your heart, and then it goes BOOM with blazing guitars, sexy voices, catchy hooks, driving instrumentation, and heart string-pulling melodies.  

Which song of The Puss Puss Band is your favorite?  Comment and let me know! 

To listen and/or purchase The Puss Puss Band’s music, go to: and follow them on Twitter at @puss_band.


TONYA SKINNER |  May 12, 2017 @05:35 am

Hello Kiki…I love this review!!! 5stars across the board! The Puss Puss band are a talented band. Your review gives them prominence and promotion. You started the review with a catchy phrase, and then you go in depth about the band’s tracks. Your reviews are arranged, and written professionally. Every review is different and you bring out the best in the artist/bands. I can’t wait to read the next review. Kiki keep on bringing the good stuff. I love you! Kudos, Tonya

KiKi S. |  May 12, 2017 @05:26 am

Thanks Lee – it was a pleasure and an honor. The entire CD spoke to me. Here’s to working together again in the near future. Rock on my brother.

Lee Pugh |  May 12, 2017 @05:18 am

What can I say? Thank you so much on behalf of the three of us 🙂 You’ve clearly taken a lot of time to listen and get to know the album and it really comes across in your write up…thank you so much for committing that time and emotion to us and our album. Really hope you’re readers/followers enjoy the album as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with everyone

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