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Friday, March 22nd, 2013

When I first found John Bundrick or “Rabbit” online I was immediately impressed with his past… But with iconic names like Roger Waters, Johnny Nash, Bob Marley and his extensive work with The Who… WHO wouldn’t be.

I got in touch and explained what we were looking for and we got all the answers need. Soon we where sent a rough mix… Or at least that’s what he called it, to me it sound fantastic. 

That was possibly one of the best things about working with him… He put you at the centre of everything. You constantly get ask your opinion on different versions of the song… The first version you hear sounds great, but you then receive more and more… unbelievable improving every time.

For all Rabbits experience and history, he works hard to accommodate musician from all budgets… The price we receive was honestly unbelievable for the service we received through the whole process.

He did absolutely all that you could possible expected and we hope to work with him long into the future

Rab’s latest online session is with 2 young irish guys singing ‘HOW TO SAVE A LIFE’….Produced by Rab. We wish these 2 talented brothers all the success they deserve. Good luck Sean & Joseph………You people out there should check their video link out…

Andy Chapman does a fine rendition of an Ol’ Favorite Rab tune called ‘London Town’. Nice cover Andy…Thanks a Million for doing this. Rab

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

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