Rab Plays at Frankfurt’s Music Messe April 2 2019 at 7pm

Hey everybody,

I want to invite you all to come and see me play live at a very special Gig.

On Tuesday, April 2nd at 7 p.m. at the Frankfurt Musikmesse!

Together with an All-Star band, I will play at the Ultimate Jam Show in the Festival Arena.

It’s gonna be my very 1st gig since leaving The Who…

I will be doing 2 of my own songs and 1 song written by Pete Townshend.

The next day I’ll give you a solo performance at Musikmesse.

I am looking forward to seeing all you guys & gals in Frankfurt soon!

John Rabbit Bundrick

3 Responses to “Rab Plays at Frankfurt’s Music Messe April 2 2019 at 7pm”

  1. Kenny Freed says:

    Wished you’d been invited back to play with The Who for their up coming tour.

  2. John says:

    Great to hear you’re back on the road Rab.
    Any UK or US dates planned?

    All the best


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