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Thanks to the Audience

Friday, January 11th, 2013

…Rabbit, I have been a fan for many years. I came to be aware of you thru you
brilliant work with the Who and Pete Townshend solo works. You are truly a
master musician. I have enjoyed reading about you in Pete’s book. Will you
be writing a book of your own? I plan on seeing at least one Who performance
on the Winter schedule. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have given
me .and the rest of the world! Cheers

…I’m so sorry.  We’ll miss you out there.  Get healthy, ok?

…I was really saddened to see you weren’t on the current Quadrophenia tour.  I’ve always had an admiration for your playing (especially Hammond playing).  You were really missed on the Endless Wire tour during the passing of your wife…and I know I speak for many of your fans now, that you will be missed this tour.

     I saw your most recent message.  I don’t know what happened…and I’m not asking.  All I know is that sometimes in life, there is a reason.  The frustrating thing is…most of the time we don’t know the reason until well after it’s over.  Is it our Creator’s will?  Do we have some sort of amends to make?  If anger is the second part of grieving a loss, it’s a necessary (albeit shitty) part of the process.

     I wish you peace and good energy.  I’ve been lucky enough to see you play with The Who 13 times…I hope for more.

…Sounds like life is grim- count on Jesus- read the Bible- any Gospel chapter in the New Testiment. I can’t speak or understand your situation but there is always Hope and I’ll be praying for you- God Bless!

…Hi Rabbit..thinking of you and hope you are ok..missing seeing you on this tour..

…Look to the future. This will have plenty of fun and beautiful things produce.

…Oh man!! I don’t know what is worse, getting paid not to play, or having a height complex at his age!! Sounds like some of the Prima Donna’s I have dealt with over the past years, from these 20 something year olds!

…That’s fucking nuts! Why can’t he realize how fortunate he really is, and just let it flow.
I was going to something much ruder but decided to not put the negativity out into the universe.
It’ll sort itself out, Pete knows what is best and Roger will be subdued.

…Oh for fuck’s sake!! That IS insane!! Stupid idiot Roger is.
I’m so sorry, I bet you’re really fucking pissed off!!

…I would assume the reason you won’t be there is MONEY. You cost and they can pay someone else less and if they are miming it won’t matter. Miming is probably a good idea as Rogers voice is fucked. He hollers for the first couple of songs and then he’s done – just like at the 02. Its a shame but its the way it is. The Who is dead as a band and has been for years.

…Why in the world are you not on the Who’s tour this year?  I am really bummed about that.  You have been the glue holdin’ those boys together on stage for so long, man I am stunned.

…There is a lot of talking about The Who’s tour. Also a lot of musicians except you. Why you are not been playing on The Who’s tour?

…The who announced a tour and you are not listed as the keyboardist!
What’s up?

…How come you won’t be with The Who? Is everything ok? I sure will miss you.

…I’m really sorry to hear that you are no longer with The Who. To me (and many others) you were a big part of The Who. I think everyone will feel your absence at the concerts. I’ve heard lots of stories of Roger being mean/rude to people. He’s fired other great musicians like yourself for no reason. I don’t understand why he keeps doing that. I’m actually surprised that Pino and Zak are still in the band. Anyways The Who aren’t coming anywhere near Edmonton Alberta plus your not going to be there and Pete’s probably playing acoustic guitar, so I won’t be seeing them this time.

…I’m a big fan of your work and I find your style of playing very fascinating. You sure have worked with lots of people. Do you have a favorite musican/band that you have worked with? Also The Who announced their Quadrophenia tour today but they didn’t list you in the lineup. Will you be playing with them?

…I’m a great fan of your work. Thanks for your talent. I just saw the announcement of The Who North American tour – are you not going to play on this tour? Hope To see you perform soon.

…John why are you not on the new Who tour?  I’ve seen you with them so many times over so many years I consider you the third member of the band after Pete and Roger.  I know many other Who fans feel this way.

…This is mainly me being nosey- but I saw the announcement about the Who’s Quadrophenia tour. and no Rabbit! Are you retiring or something? 🙁 I hope you are okay anyway!! I’ve seen all the various versions of the group since 1980, and it won’t be the same without you there!
Hope you are well, and thanks for all the enjoyment your playing and music has given me over the years,

… am really surprised
I’m sure it’s just roger trying to be cheap and pocket more money

…That’s really insulting considering you’ve been in the band 20 years before them
They are being cheap

…Hello, Rabbit! Or Mr. Bundrick, I suppose I should say. I’ve been fortunate enough to see you perform with The Who for four different live concerts, in addition to the online videos. I’m deeply saddened that you are not listed as touring with The Who this coming tour. Once Entwistle passed away, there was at least the comfort that you, stood steady with Pete and Rog and in my eyes were more that a touring member, but an integral part of the band. I hope all is well in your world and hope to see you perform again in some form or fashion. After all, us Texas folk need to stick together! 😉

…I had the pleasure of meeting you with some friends in LA after the VH1 show and you were a real gentleman. I noticed that you are not touring with The Who on Quad tour in the fall. Some of the fans are wondering if you are okay. I hope all is well.

…Hi Rabbit, I don’t know the circumstances surrounding these decisions but I just wanted to let you know I have been a long time fan of your work and I am saddened to hear you won’t be preforming with The Who on their next tour. I hope all is well.  Thanks for all you’ve done.

…Rabbit, just heard you wont be on this tour. Cant tell you how disappointed I am. If what I read is true I’m really very surprised at Roger.

…didn’t see you at the olympics ….. how come ….?   will you be touring the US with Roger and Pete this fall ……?

…I have a question. Are you present at the tour of the Who in the States? Thank you and good luck

…Hey Rabbit, Long time Who fan big fan of your playing. I bet you are getting this question a lot in the recent weeks but I was wondering how come you aren’t touring with the Who in the fall. You’ve been with them in 79′. It’s sad that you won’t be joining them. I did get a chance to see the show in Boston in 2008 and you guys were on fire that night. Best of luck with your other projects! Thank you for your time.

…Probably the best career move you will ever make! Or have made for you.
This just draws a line under so much uncertainty and in so many ways, releases you from musical bondage.

…I don’t know what Rogers’s problem with you is.  I don’t know how you tolerate the band’s crazy on again/off again routine.  Roger has always been a hot head type of personality.  Now he is abusing you thinking firing you is the ultimate power trip & he hopes Pete will stand behind him.

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