I'm now accepting Online Session work

Price per trk...starting at £230 uk sterling...(or...$390). With a 10% discount for 3 trks or more. Includes no limit to how many rab dubs you want.Please indicate the bit rate and sample rate and tempo when inquiring. Thank you.

Contact Rab at johnbundrick@mac.com to book your session.

Current Mood:

The Baton

She's handing you the baton, she's finished her part of the race.
It's time for her to go, and find a happy, more peaceful place...
The baton will get you thru life, that's why she's letting it go, to you, her chosen, identical twin.

You, the daughter, must now resume the race.
Your mom has gone to heaven, she's left you in her place.
So pick up the baton, and run with the wind.
The places you will visit, already she has been.

You'll feel her gentle presence.
She'll know that you've been there.
Wait for that special feeling.
The one she always shared.

I find this cross so hard to bear.
The truth of her pain shows with every stare

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