A Concert For KILLING Cancer HMV Apollo Hammersmith, London 13-Jan-2011 at 18:30 The Who, Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry and more………….

January 22nd, 2011



VIDEO roger-daltrey-jeff-beck-london-jan11-killing-cancer-concert

The Who played their first gig in nearly a year last night at London Hammermsith’s Odeon. The headlining set, which raised money for the charity Killing Cancer , also featured performances by Jeff Beck, Bryan Adams and Debbie Harry. All of the performers took the stage at the end to play The Who’s 1972 classic “Join Together.”

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Thursday 20th January, 2011

Dear Friends

You don’t know me. You don’t know the people whose lives you changed last week at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. A Concert For KILLING Cancer. But I know they will all be so grateful to you.

We all get pestered to do things for charity. Chuggers, muggers and people who you wonder if they are really doing anything real with our money!

We wonder if, with a small charity, they are worth supporting and they are going to make a difference with our money?

But we are. And you have.

If Billy has sent you this letter, it’s because you played a HUGE part in changing the cancer world last Thursday. You may just have lifted a few boxes, or spent hours or days doing something unique that was essential. But you cared enough to do it. You made a difference.

In a hospital not everyone does the glamour job. But they are part of the team that changes someone’s life. You were part of the team.

You did it by putting PDT on the map. You did it by giving us amazing profile. You did it by sending the story around the world that PDT exists, PDT works and PDT has a future in the treatment of cancers and some other serious medical conditions.

But this is far from the end of the story. We need more money, more profile and more awareness. We need to make sure every GP, every consultant, every member of the public knows about us.

The medical people involved don’t live in a rock and roll world. They are usually in small offices, working away with little praise and recognition. Yet last Thursday you put them in the spotlight. You gave them pride and belief in what they are doing.

The whole event is something that I can scarcely believe happened. A concert? For us? For a charity that has had to fight every day for recognition as others have tried to marginalize us?

Please be proud of what you helped us to do. You aren’t aware of the thousands of people now wanting PDT. Wanting PDT so they can avoid other treatments that frighten them more than the cancer. And they only know because you all – together – put on a fabulous concert.

Thank you for changing their futures. Thank you for believing.

Simply. Thank you.

Yours very sincerely

David Longman

£49.50 – £132.00
A Concert For KILLING Cancer
HMV Apollo Hammersmith, London
13-Jan-2011 at 18:30

Bryan Adams, Richard Ashcroft, Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry and The Who
Rock legends unite to highlight a revolutionary cancer treatment

An incredible line up of rock legends will come together to perform at the first KILLING Cancer concert – part of a campaign to change the way cancer can be treated.

They will take centre stage at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo on Thursday 13th January, raising money for the KILLING Cancer charity that funds research into a little-known therapy that destroys cancer cells with a single treatment – without patients suffering the emotional and physical trauma of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Rock pioneers The Who will perform on the same bill as guitar icon Jeff Beck, The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft, and Blondie legend Debbie Harry.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) works by light combining with a drug that switches off the oxygen reaching the target cells and is a fraction of the cost of current cancer treatments.

Despite this, PDT is rarely offered to patients and the gig will highlight the availability of this cutting edge therapy.

Proceeds from the concert will also be supporting new trials with PDT for throat cancer and for disfiguring vascular tumours – including birthmarks.

The organisers of the concert hope that that this will also be a catalyst for an increase in public and corporate donations that will speed the launch of other PDT trials for heart and arterial disease, cervical, vulval and penile cancer.

For more details of hospitals and clinics offering PDT now, log on to the charity’s website, www.killingcancer.co.uk.

Terms of sale and entry
• The ticket purchaser must attend the event and will be required to show valid photo ID for entry (passport or driving licence) which matches the purchasers name displayed on the ticket.
•The ticket purchaser must enter the event at the same time as any guests they have purchased tickets for.
• Tickets for this event are limited to one transaction per household to a maximum of four tickets. If it is found that more than one transaction has been processed these will be cancelled and refunded without prior notification.
• Successful purchasers will receive an email confirmation. Your tickets will arrive 3 days before the event.
• Tickets are only valid if purchased via www.hmvtickets.com, from a HMV store or directly from the promoters. Tickets bought via secondary ticket agents / re sellers will not be accepted.
• For the avoidance of doubt neither the ticket nor the ticket purchase ID is transferable under any circumstances and will either be cancelled or entry refused on re-sale or in the event of transfer.
*Ticket prices are inclusive of booking fee and delivery charge
Please note this is a seated event, only specified tickets are standing
All taxable profits from this event shall be donated to Killing Cancer a registered charity (No. 1109926)

HMV Apollo Hammersmith
45 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith
London, W6 9QH
The hmv Apollo opened in 1932 as the Gaumont Palace and became the Hammersmith Odeon in 1962. Designed in the Art Deco style its life began as a cinema but whilst named the Odeon it became a famous destination for live music. Grade II* listed since the 1990s it became an adaptable space in 2006 in order to accommodate larger, standing crowds. The 1932 fully restored Compton organ, used in its cinema days, is still found at the venue which has also become a favourite place for Live (and televised) Comedy events. With a mixed standing seated capacity of over 5000 and 3500 for all standing it remains one of London’s legendary venues.
Getting There
By Tube
On the evening of an event, we advise disabled customers to arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to the doors opening. When you arrive, staff will be available to assist you if required. Please ask at the Box Office. There are two steps and an access ramp at the front entrance of the building. There are no more steps into the stalls auditorium. The circle seating area is only accessible via steps (approximately 30), unfortunately there is no lift to the circle area. The wheelchair ramp is at the rear of the stalls behind the seating block, and can accommodate four wheelchair users and four escorts per performance. For seated events, guests can also transfer from wheelchairs to an aisle seat in the stalls if preferred and if seats are available. The wheelchair can then be stored at the rear of the stalls and returned by an usher at the end of the event. This is located at the rear of the stalls by the wheelchair access seating ramp. The Disabled Access toilet has been fitted with a RADAR lock; please bring your key with you to access. If you do not own a RADAR key, please ask the staff member who is assigned to the Disabled Access ramps for the key. The venue has a hearing loop system that covers rows J-R in the Stalls, plus blocks 8,9 and 10 in the Circle. “In the ear” and “Over the head” types are available for a refundable deposit of £5. Please speak to Box Office staff upon arrival. Sign language interpreted performances are available for some productions, but this depends on the individual company. Sign language interpreted performances are available for some productions, but this depends on the individual company.
There are several bars within the venue. There are two bars in the stalls area.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – HAPPY 2011 from Rab & Jody

December 31st, 2010




Charlie Hardwick’s Posters – a delight for sore eyes…Take a look at Charlie’s stuff

December 29th, 2010

Charlie says, “people can get in touch with me via my two websites.. (see below)”
I like to point out that Im a legally blind graphic artist to people in order
to bring awareness to the fact that people with disabilities can still work effectively. 
the posters and prints are sold through my online store at www.chazbro.com

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Charlie Hardwick

Michael Lee’s Magical Mythical Metal Is No Flashback-(Rab session with Steve Bundrick Producing)

December 15th, 2010






Michael Lee’s Magical Mythical Metal Is No Flashback

Too much is too much, but way too much is perfect. Michael Lee is way too much.

Lee’s made his name as an editor and Emmy-nominated producer on everything from E! True Hollywood Story to Super Bowl post-game wrap-ups, but the San Antonio native was suckled at the teat of Van Halen and Judas Priest as a tyke, and has decided to claim the world of music as his own with his debut EP Hold on Till Heaven.
His Facebook page was sent to Rocks Off as a joke. “Hey! Look at this guy 80s guy! What a maroon!” Laugh all you want, but Michael Lee is not some cheeseball nostalgia-gimmick gimp. Sure, his music is over-the-top and unabashedly inspired by metal’s more fantastical elements, but like The Darkness before him, an undercurrent of exemplary musicianship and innovation here sets the EP apart from a simple flashback.
Take opening track “Connection” by way of a for instance. Right when you’re ready to sneer and shout, “Dokken!You’re Sukken! Get off the Stage-n,” you pick up on sinister industrial elements winding in and out of the pop-metal guitar riffs. In fact, the whole track made us think of the gritty awesomness of Daniel Ash’s last EP, Flame On.
It’s important to realize what happens to your mind while you listen to Hold on Till Heaven. You have only seconds to dismiss it as Bill and Ted’s bogus soundtrack before the underlying power forces you to appreciate the subtleties woven in amongst the dragons.

And there are dragons! What ever happened to dragons? You fail us, metal, and you fail us band. Not Lee, though. He believes in dragons, angels and vampires. Most of all, he believes that he should sing about them. He even has a song on the EP, “Believe,” pretty much laying out the sheer unholy joy of magic and myth.

We fail to see what the hell is wrong with that. Yes, OK, it’s kind of cheesy. It was cheesy when Dio did it, or when Rhapsody had Christopher Lee narrate “Unholy Warcry,” but it was also epic. Literally epic, not Internet epic. There are artists who explore the wide realm of fantasy as easily as they explore their own hearts and souls. Lee belongs in that temple.
A lush full world demands a pretty lushly produced album, and Hold on Till Heaven is nothing if not stretched to the limit. The album was engineered by Steve Bundrick, nephew of Who keyboardist John “Rabbit” Bundrick who also appears on several tracks on the album.
Incidentally, did you know Rabbit Bundrick was the principal musician on the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack? Judging by Michael Lee’s outfits, he certainly did, but what’s a little extra outrageousness when you’ve already gone screaming over the edge like Thelma and Louise on a flying V guitar?


Continued from page 1

Michael Lee in the Batcave (literally)
Like any album, even a six-song EP, there are ups and downs. We can’t say we particularly got behind “Mind You Own Business,” a song bitch-slapping the nosiness of Hollywood. Not that it’s a bad track, mind you, it’s just lacking in dragons – we think.

However, for the segment of the listening populace who prefers a more noir approach to the world rather than a Day-Glo eargasm, this might be right up your alley.
Truly it’s the title track that transcends all other attempts on the album. Even after three straight listens to Hold on Till Heaven, the album, we still had “Hold on Till Heaven,” the song, on repeat and full volume until our fellow passengers begged us – in vain – to please stop.
It’s pop. That’s important. It’s very pop, and in that is the song’s genius. Much like “Your Fate” from our own death rock hometown heroes Ex-Voto on their last album Antioch, what stops you and holds you is and unashamed appreciation of the highly-oxygenated atmosphere of good rock or metal based pop.
True, both songs stand on the cusp between irreverence and a deeper kind of music, but any soldier will tell you that the border is what people fight and die over, not the center. Lee brokers a peace talk between the People’s Republic of Metal and Popghanistan that echoes as an anthem of audio exultation for both sides.
One side learns to bang their heads a bit, and the other stomps a few less newborn puppy skulls while they take the time to smile.
Ultimately, that’s Lee’s true genius. His music is impossible not to smile at. You may shake your head a ruefully, you may rolls your eyes a bit, look at his outfit for Santa’s sake! In the end, though, you can’t help but love a man who believes.

Michael Lee plays tonight at Pearl Bar, 4216 Washington.


Only In Houston
By Jef With One F, Wed., Dec. 15 2010 @ 8:00AM
Categories: Metalocalypse, Only In Houston, Playbill

Phil Spalding’s Big Night Out. Come and enjoy the Music. It’s for the Rehabilitation Charity”

December 2nd, 2010



Phil Spalding's Big Night Out. Come and enjoy the Music. It's for the Rehabilitation Charity"











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November 20th, 2010





It’s Halloween time, 2011-New Rab cd for Horror Dress up Parties-Physical CD Price just $16 From Rab via PayPal as normal, or Available as Downloads only from All Music Download Sites

November 4th, 2010

John Rabbit Bundrick: Halloween 2011


It’s Halloween time, 2011…Monsters, Witches, Broomsticks, Frankenstein, The Wolf man, The Mummy, my Mother-in-law, ex-girlfriend, the guy who beat me up in school, and the guy I beat up in school are all at this Halloween party, exacting Revenge on each other. Perfect for any Horror Dress-up party any time of the year, but also extremely brilliant for every Halloween party whatever year it is. This collection will liven up any scary event. Have fun and get scared.!!!!!!!!

John Rabbit Bundrick

bat cave














Kay Petal’s Famous Celebrity Hand Felted Dolls – October 26, 2010

October 26th, 2010

Check out Kay’s websites for fabulous hand felted dolls of famous celebrities. 11 PICS of LIL’ RAB.















October 11th, 2010
The Rhythm Tramps: Christmas Reggae Sandwich

A Complete Christmas Reggae Party as ‘LIVE’ as ‘You’ will be at Your Office or Home Christmas Party, including Warts and all. Bring the recording studio, reggae band included, to your Party with these favorite christmas carols, all done “reggae-style”. This album is a ‘ PARTY ANIMAL’, infectious, funny, fun, with bumps, start ups, and falling about laughing endings. You’ll sing along and dance to this for sure, and if you listen carefully enough, (or loud enough), you’ll hear the band doing the same thing. Featuring John Rabbit Bundrick on keyboards & vocals, GT Moore on reggae guitar & vocals, Tony Braunagel on drums & vocals, Terry Wilson on bass, ‘Lord’ Ted Bunting on horns, The Princess of Persia on background vocals, and B.J. Cole on steel guitar. We recorded this in the smelliest, smallest dingy studio we could find in London, just to get that Party vibe. Put this on at your party and then just do your thing, whatever that might be, and soon the music will do what music should do at a party…..Dance, sing, scream, fall over, laugh, get drunk, get high, roll around on the ground, whatever takes your mind away from work and woes. (warning) This music is for Christmas Parties. Turn it up and party down. Expect the odd start ups, count in’s, falling apart at the seams endings, and a whole lot of fun going on.


September 25th, 2010

MUSIC IS THE ANSWER-vocal Greg Koffi Brown

LONDON TOWN – ‘LIVE’-Reg Meuross

I DON’T MIND-vocal Rob Vincent


BLUES MY GUITAR – vocal Terry Slessor


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