Diary 2006


Demons of the universe VS earth's children of faith.

Here I go again. Off, off, off for yet another trip around the globe with madmen at the healm. The demons and ghosts that haunted my dreams since I was child, are now 'Real, Alive, Human, Fearless, and Ruthless, and HERE................

I live amongst them, even work for some now and from the past. I know some of them personally, although they don't know I really know them, or at least they refuse to look me staright in the eyes for very long, without first walking away from me in contempt.

All my demons and ghosts are alive, well, and still behaving as owners of the  universe and dominant over others they consider less intelligent, less talented, and for want of a better phrase, "just better than the rest of us". That is the way these demons think.  They are so eaten up with greed, status, creating their own system beliefs, nothing about Truth, but all about them and the gains and how much power they have on others. You're beliefs mean nothing to them, Their goal is to wrap you up in their cocoon, play with your Life, control you wealth and value and confidence. The thing they love to do the most when they are bored with scaring you to death daily, is to 'terminate' your personal beliefs and justices, drop you, forsake you, use and abuse you, laugh at you, think they are superior. You are only a toy they throw away when they tire of you.

These demon and ghosts live in the dreams of all of us, but beware oh innocent ones.' They have taken on our Human form and are living with you, in you, around you, above and below you. They are everywhere, 'you' are covered with no means of escape.

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