Diary 1983

The Beach, Meon Shore

Tuesday, Jan 25, 1983 - me and Sue left London for good and moved to #37 Meon Shore Huts, Meon Road, Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 4HN. We settled permanently at the beach chalet. Hard times were here. No money, no job, the beach hut was very run down, with no electricity, no toilet, or any amenities. We lived there for a year before I accidentally found the water stopcock outside in the yard. I stumbled onto it while I was digging in the garden. Now at least we had running, 'cold' water. We had to cook on an old garbage can, shit in black garbage bags, and leave them for the garbage man to collect. (He didn't know). We had to make tea by putting the kettle on top of a candle for awhile. We learned to eat mussels, oysters, wild mushrooms, etc. even clover flowers and rice salad. We survived, but don't want to do it again, thank you! The beach was absolutely lovely. It was just the fact that we were living like Adam and Eve that eventually wore us down. Summer was great! But, we froze in the winter. Our only heat source came from 'paraffin greenhouse heaters'. Things picked up a bit when our neighbour gave us the old caravan from his back yard. It was the very same one that Sue had stayed in when she was a little girl. It had a coal and wood stove in it, so we could stay warm in winter. The only problem was, we had to take planks off the side of the chalet and chop them up in order to burn the stove to keep warm. While we were staying warm, we were gradually burning the very chalet that we lived in during summer, plank by plank! I even took an axe to my old upright piano in the end. I chopped the shit out of it, and burnt it piece by piece in the wood stove in the little caravan we lived in during winter, to stay warm. There's too much to tell now, but more will follow!

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