Diary 1993

A day in the life

Sign on the Dole-10:45
Pay Electric Bill - £50
Pay Poll Tax - £21
Pay Mortgage - £12.35
Bought a Matsui Color TV - £169.99
Digger debt: owed £150
Paid £20…..balance £130 owed.

6th--  Dole paid £129.20. Drove Sue’s Mom back home to Eastleigh. Receive a letter from Island Records. Stating “no cross-collateralation” between my Rabbit Solo albums and my ‘Free’ contracts.
Rabbit Island Solo debt - £17,386.39
‘Free’ debt - £00.00

8th -  Paid £21.50 by Bill Flynn for Rabbit Archive cassettes, Rab archive 3, 4, 5 and Crawler Live Nottingham Boat Club.

JANUARY – 1993 was a year of ups and downs. A lot of my solo work was done this year, plus some more exciting bits as well. I spent most of January in my home garage studio, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, recording a few Rabbit Solo albums. I was on the Dole as well, so money was very tight. Times for keeping my head down, getting stuck into my studio, and generally keeping out of trouble. I started off by recording a little Country and Western Floyd Cramer type album, writing my own material and playing it using Cramer ’s renowned  ‘flicking the keys’ piano style. Lovely. As you can see, not a terribly exciting month, but I enjoyed the quiet and privacy of my home studio, and enjoyed working on my own music for a change.

February – Just more of the same really. My mate Geoff Webb came up to put some guitar on some new tracks I ’m working on, and another mate, Dave Clayton, from Nottingham, came around to do a bit too. Both great friends, and we get on well together in the studio, so just more playing again all month. Had a visit from Sue ’s daughter Jackie, and her 2 kids, Joey and Lily, which is always a nice treat. I ’m still drinking, so the girls like me not to be around the kids too much when I’m drunk, so back in the studio it is for me, most of the time. Pub and Studio, that ’s my life at the moment.

MARCH – My friend David Clayton, who works in a Food Factory, took pity on me and Sue, who had no money to  speak of, and started bringing us mountains of food that he’d stolen from his work. He’s stuff 3 or 4 whole chickens down his trouser legs, pile tons of food in boxes, then sneak it out of work and bring it over to us to put in our Freezer. Mad, or what!? We never went hungry while Dave was around. An example of this is, on March 5 he arrived at our House with, get this-- £80 worth of cheese, £21 worth of butter, £45 worth of steak, and £30 worth of Parmesan Cheese. Thanks Dave, what a guy. We had no money, but we had food all over the house. Nice one DAVE. So I just worked in my studio as usual, but this time with a full stomach. This is the time when me and  Dave also started archiving all my old tapes, gigs, demos, Crawler and Free stuff, and anything that I had to Dat tapes, in order to make up a catalogue of Rabbit Archives to sell as cassettes to readers of his Free magazine, him being the owner and editor of the fan mag. We spent hours and hours dredging through mountains of my old cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, and came up with some nice albums for the fans. It turned into a little Rabbit Cottage Industry sort of thing. Orders would be sent to me, I ’d make up the cassettes from a Master metal cassette, taken from the Master Dat, had Dave make some covers, and off we went.

A bit of proper work came my way on March 23. I drove to  Farnham, Hampshire, in Surrey to Jacobs Studio to work on Snowy Whites solo album, Highway to the Sun. Produced by Kuma Harada. The album also featured Dave Gilmore and Gary Moore on guitars, as well as Snowy obviously taking the bigger part on guitar, cause it ’s his solo album after all. The other 2 just Guested. The band was made up of me, Snowy, Kuma, and Snowy ’s 2 Dutch mates, Juan Van Emerloot on drums, and Walter on bass. Cracking band too. Great results. Jacobs Studio is one of those Residential type studios, where you work, sleep, and play. So I spent 5 nights there working on the album. It was the first time I ’d met Snowy and the others, but had known Kuma as a Bass player with me and Johnny Nash way back in the early 70 ’s, and he’s the one that got me this gig. Thanks Kuma. We recorded 13 tracks in 5 days. It is written in my Diary that it was a ‘Total Success’.  So that says it all. We had a great time, and made some great music.

APRIL – This month I started another new Rabbit Solo album at home, called ‘Painter’. It’s a NU-AGE sort of dreamy album, stuff I quite like a lot. It’s relaxing to make this sort of music, and I do lots of it, as well as all the other styles I do. I started it on the 2nd and finished it on the 8th. I ’m a fast worker you see. Once I get stuck in I don’t come out until it’s done and dusted. Also had Geoff Webb come back up and play guitar on some extra tracks for my solo album, ‘Same Old Story’. Still having lots of ‘Hangover’ days too, so feeling very Rock n’ Roll at times, like I was still 20 years old or something. Wrong! Hangovers are getting harder and harder to get over. Lots of ‘rest all day in bed’ days this month too.

On the 15th, I finished the Same Old Story Rab solo album, so that’s 2 albums done by the middle of April. Not bad. After this, me and Sue went to Hampshire to visit her Mom for a few days, then back home and really had the rest of the month just laying around doing nothing. I ’d done 2 albums already,  so it’s time for a rest, cut the grass, garden a bit, and go to the Pub.

MAY – Not a whole lot happened this Month, apart from a few trips to the Dentist, a bit of Home rehearsing for up-coming Pete Townshend solo tour, and a bit of work in my Home studio. The one Highlight of the month was a Gig with Snowy White. On the 12th I went to E.Z. Hire in London to rehearse with Snowy, Kuma on bass and Jeff Allan on Drums, at 2pm. Then on the 13th we all took a train down to Truro, in Cornwall, to do a Charity gig for the Princes Trust, and the ‘Relate’ program for battered wives, and dodgy marriages, etc. Tickets were £5.00 each and we did the gig at the City Hall. Great gig, and some of it is documented ‘live’ on various Snowy White cd’s. Really cool guy.

On the 14th I went to London to have a meeting with Pete Townshend, Bill Curbishley, Doc, Barney, and Billy Nicholls About a July USA Pete Solo Tour. Meeting took place at Pete ’s studio – Eel Pie, at 7pm. Then back home on the 15th. Still drinking, and I can feel eyes following me around. Rehearsing for Pete ’s tour on my own at home a bit, during Drunk bouts. Me and Sue celebrated her 49th birthday on the 20th. It says in my Diary on that day, quote, “Sorry Sue”. Any guesses on what that mean? Rab blew it again, drunk. I spent the rest of the month just ducking and diving,  drinking, studio work, and just being myself. Drunk!

JUNE – Lots going on this month. The 1st and 2nd were taken up by trips for Sue to the Dentist in Harley Street, London. 3 o ’clock appointements, it pissed with rain, and I felt like a drowned Rat wandering around Oxford Street while Sue was in the Dentist chair for 2 hours. On the 3rd I dug a Vegetable plot in my garden, the 4th got drunk as a Skunk, and on the 5th had another hung-over, wasted day. Shit! Dave Clayton came over and over-dubbed some bass on a couple of my ‘garaged’ tracks, and we had some fun.

The 7th of June I went to London for a meeting with Billy Nicholls and Andy Fairweather-Lowe, hired as a second guitarist for Pete ’s up-coming Psychoderelict USA tour. We met at EEL PIE Studios and just ran through a bit of the material to show Andy how it all goes. Andy is a ‘great guy’ man! On the 8th I made up some more ‘chord charts’ for Psycoderelict, and on the 9th I went to London to do an interview for ‘Keyboard Magazine’. Interviewer was Paul, and we did it in the ‘Green Man’ Pub, Marylebone Road, where else?! It’s a busy time for me, charting up all these songs from Pete’s Psycoderelict set, so from the 10th to the 16th I just stayed at home and wrote charts all day long. It ’s the easiest way for me to learn somebody else’s songs. Sit down with a tape or cd of their material, and break it down instrument by instrument, listening carefully to what chords each player is playing, and then writing it all out on paper, so I can follow it like a road map, onstage.

The 17th took me and Sue to London for rehearsals for the USA Pete Tour coming up soon. We checked into the Milestone Hotel at 1-2 Kensington Court, London W8, tel # 071-917-1000 / fax #  071-917-1010. After checking in I went to EEL PIE to rehearse a bit with Billy and Andy, and after we finished I went out on my own and did my usual thang: got drunk in the Pub. When I got back to my hotel I did my usual thing after getting drunk: got on the  phone and called the World. I phoned up my brother Sam, Mom and Dad, my mate in L.A, Snuffy Walden, (he didn ’t want to know), and Johnny Nash, in Houston. They must have all thought,” Wow, this guy is really Mad!”... Got up on the 18th with a hang-over, but still had to go and rehearse with Billy and Andy, just the 3 of us going through things before we got the whole band in to rehearse proper.

Me and Sue went back home on the 19th. Rest time, ha! Then on the 21st rehearsals started in earnest. Time to get down and get it right. We rehearsed at EEL PIE from the 21st to the 25th, and took a few pics for ‘Keyboard Magazine’, then on the 26th we moved out to Bray Studios to start Dress Rehearsals with the full sound set-up, monitors and lights, the lot. Also a couple more photo shoots with me and Pete together, which is a very nice pic. Rehearsals took us up to the 30th and into July.

JULY – We rehearsed on the 1st and 2nd at Bray and then went home to Grantham, Lincolnshire for a break on the 3rd. I got paid half of my Tour Fee, £12,500, which made me feel a bit better, but the drinking was still so bad that even money didn ’t have much of an effect on me. It just meant that I could drink more and still pay the bills, which is what I did on the 3rd, and on the 4th we were off to the Hotel near Gatwick Airport for the flight to America. We arrived in New York on July 5th at 12 noon NY time. It was a 6 hour and 40 minute flight, leaving Gatwick at 10 am London time. Smooth flight, and everything worked out A-okay for me. I hate flying, but this was okay. Paid $420 for per diems. Nice.

July 6th – Pete threw a bit of a ‘warbly’ today at rehearsal, Brooklyn Academy of Music - The Opera House, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217-1486. Tel # 718-636-4146, 4111 and 4178. We were plowing through the rehearsal at full tilt. Then we had a little break, and while us muso ’s were sitting at our instruments, waiting for Pete’s return to the stage, when a guy came on stage and starting handing everybody this ‘Letter’ from Pete to the band, expressing his dismay at the fact that a lot of the band brought their wives with them, or were planning for them to come over and join them at some point. I think Pete got the impression that the cost of all these family gatherings was going to be put down to his costs, etc, and get mislaid as Tour Costs. In other words I think he thought he was going to have to pay all these extra people ’s air fares, hotels, and stuff. The Entourage included the band members, his staff, sound and lighting crew, and all people working on the tour, and not some holiday for all the wives. I don ’t know where he got this idea, cause I sorted out Sue’s tickets on my own with Doc, the Tour Manager, so it wasn’t costing Pete a penny to have Sue over there with me. Anyway, I took the ‘letter’ as an insult, and stormed over to Pete, looked at him and said, “Does this letter mean that Sue has to go home back to England?” He said something to the effect of, “Well, Yes, that is what I expect.” So my retort was, “Well, if Sue is going back to England, then so am I. You can stuff this tour and get another keyboard player, cause there ain ’t no way I’m sending Sue back to England on her own!” I took the ‘letter’, wadded it up and threw it in his face, and walked back to my Hammond. Pete followed me and started talking about how he can ’t be responsible for looking after wives and friends. After all this is a Tour, not a holiday. And he was absolutely right in saying that. Absolutely. But I reminded him that I took care of Sue ’s travel expenses, and in no way was he expected to pay her way. He said, “Looks like you have me over a barrel then Rabbit.” I said, “No I don’t have you over any barrel Pete. It’s simple, if Sue goes, then I go.” Conversation ended and we carried on rehearsing for a while... Boy was I pissed off. We were both right, we were just both talking about 2 different scenarios. After work I trundled back to my hotel –  New York Palace Hotel, 455 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y.-10022. Tel # - 212-888-7000.

July 7th -  Pete rang our room today and apologised to Sue about yesterday’s memo and told her of course she is welcome on the Tour. He wouldn’t say much to me. I picked up the phone and just said, “Is Sue there?” Okay man, cool. I can take it. Do it your way, you’re the Boss. Whatever!...

July 8th – Rehearse again today. The memo problem has disappeared. It was really all just a misunderstanding. Pete is really cool, and my favorite, of all the blokes that I know.

July 9th – Day off. I went to P.J. Moran’s Irish Bar and drank 2 pints of Guinness. Each one cost $4.50. Wow!, Can’t afford to get drunk here. I met my mate Dave Clayton at the bar, who was over in N.Y. to see Paul Rodgers shows in New Jersey on the 6th and 7th. Me, Dave and Sue had a nice long visit and a long walk around Manhattan. Nice one Dave. It was Hot as shit in New York! 90 to 100 degrees F.

July 10th – Flew to Toronto for our gig at Massey Hall, 178 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M58-1T7. The capacity at the gig was 2,600 people. Nice and small, like a big club. We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, and got good reviews for The gig from the Press. Again, nice one.

July 11th – Fly back to New York-Palace Hotel. It’s a day off. Just laid around all day and enjoyed the quiet of the Hotel room.

July 12th – Psycoderelict gig at The Beacon Theatre on 2124 Broadway, New York, 10023. Tel # 212-496 7490. Capacity is 2,600 people. We did a soundcheck at 5pm to 5:30pm, including a video shoot of 1 song at 5:40pm. Showtime is 8:10pm. I got paid $490 per diems today, which helps buy dinner, or a few beers, ha. I also spoke on the phone today to Seymour Strauss, who works for Danny Sims and Cayman Music, about money I am owed, $5,600, confirmed. These are Publishing royalties that I never received, and have been chasing them for years now. Seymour said he ’d fax over the details to my hotel room, which he did, but also said he can’t pay me without Danny’s authorisation, which is the whole point of the thing. When it comes to pay-day, Danny ain ’t never around to sign the paycheck. Sneaky move on his part or what!? Where’s the fucking money man!?

July 13th – Gig 2 at the Beacon Theatre. We had a Big Party at some  night club after the show, and I did my usual, drunk as a skunk! Don’t ask me about the Party, cause how the hell would I know. I was only there in body, but my Spirit was clouded in alcohol.

July 14th – Day off. Hang-over, Bed all day!

July 15th – We drove to Philadelphia for a gig at the Tower Theatre, 1231 Vine Street, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 19107. Tel # 215-352-0915. Capacity was 3,098 souls. Our Hotel was The Rittenhouse, Tel # 215-546-9000. Says in my Diary that this was our best gig to date, ‘sound-wise’. So we must be getting better. Another mandatory Party after, so guess who’s drunk again?

July 16th – Today we flew to Chicago for a day off. More hang-over recovery at the Four Seasons Hotel-120 E. Delaware Place, Chicago, Illinois, 60611. Tel # 312-280-8800. Got paid $980 per diems, but too hung-over to go and spend it. Plenty for the next party though.

July 17th – Chicago Gig at Arie Crown Theatre-2301 S. Lake Shore Drive- Chicago-60616. Tel # 312-791-6516. Capacity was 4,319 drunks. Good gig, good gig. Buddy Miles came to visit too. Nice touch. Got paid a $2,000 advance on my fee. Nice touch too.

July 18th – Time for a little break from the Tour, so Me and Sue flew  down to Houston to visit my Mom and Dad for a while. We had a nice visit with lots of friends and family, got ‘very, very’ drunk sometimes, did a session with an old singer friend, Andy Chapman, stayed up all nite in my nephew ’s garage, jamming, he’s a drummer, and totally drunk. Next morning it cost me $103 to take a taxi back out to Mom and Dad ’s house. Nobody was sober enough to drive us out there. It was a mad night, total oblivion! Once I finally made it to Mom and Dad ’s, I insisted that if anybody wanted to see me, then they would have to come out to their house and visit, cause it wasn ’t safe for me to go anywhere, honest. I might not ever make it back. Me and Sue laid around in the country until July 26th, and got ready to re-join the Psycoderelict Tour on the 27th.

July 27th – Today Me and Sue flew out to Los Angeles via  San Francisco to re-join Pete’s Psycoderelict Tour. My Mom and Dad drove us to Houston Intercontinental Airport. Nice visit again, but it ’s time to go back to work.

July 28th – Day off in L.A. We’re staying at Ma Maison Hotel/ Apartments. 8555 Beverley Blvd. L.A. 90048. Tel # 310-278-5444. Just to shake off the dust from the tour break we just had, I went out on my own to visit and see my old mate Tony Braunagel do his gig in a local club in L.A. A proper old club called The Mint Club. The name of the band Tony was drumming in was called ‘Jack Mack’. They had a horn section, played Soul music so sweet you could taste it. They brought the roof down off that old club. ‘Kickin’ Ass’!!!! Wow!

July 29th – It’s our turn again, so we set up for a gig at The Wiltern Theatre, 3790 Wiltshire Blvd. L.A. 90010. Tel # 213-388 1400. Capacity crowd was 2,200 willing patients. We ’re back!

July 30th – Gig # 2 at the Wiltern Theatre, but during the day we went to the TV studios to do a few numbers on the Jay Leno- The Tonight Show. It was great fun and a good experience. My old mates from Crawler, Terry Wilson and his kids, and Tony Bruanagel came to the TV studio for a visit too, so I got to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, sort of thang. That night Tony came to the show at the Wiltern for 1 hour. We had a shit gig, and all were shattered from the days work on the Tonight Show. Too much in one day I think.

July 31st – A day off in L.A.  Rest up time. A day off in L.A. is always better than 10 days of work anywhere in the world. It ’s so magical there, and wandering around doing nothing is brilliant!

AUGUST - On Sunday, the 1st, we all flew to San Francisco. It’s a day off though, so me and Sue just lounged around in our Hotel, The Stouffer Stanford Court, 905 California Street,  S.F. 94108. Tel #  415-989 3500. I got paid $490 per diems today too.

August 2nd – Time for a gig at the Berkeley Community Theatre. 1900 Alston Way, Berkeley, Cal. 94704. Tel # 510-644 6863. Crowd capacity was 3,303. Gigs are going fine. We ’re all having a good time. By the way, muso’s on this tour are: Bass-Pino Palladino, Drums-Simon Phillips, Percussion-Jody Linn-Scott, Keyboards-myself, Backing vocals - Billy Nicholls and Andy Fairweather-Lowe, Guitar-Phil Palmer. It is a great band of muso ’s.

August 3rd – Gig # 2 at Berkeley. We had a nice visit backstage from John Lee Hooker. Wow! He was quite old, but had a beautiful scrumptous babe on each arm. How!?, and Why!? “Wat dem girls after?”

August 4th – Time for a Charity gig at La Hoya in San Diego. Don’t have much time for Diego. I don’t know why, but I’ve never had any fun there. It’s like going out to the ‘boon-docks’.

August 5th - Off to New York today. It’s a day off too. Nice.

August 6th – Rehearsal day at the Majestic Theatre, New York.

August 7th – Today is a big day. We work from 11am till after showtime, around 11pm. This gig is being recorded to video to be shown on ‘Pay-per-View’, so that’s why it’s a long day. Got to get them lights just right, so they don’t show or shine Off my ‘bald-spot’ on top of my head. Ha.

August 8th – Day off in New York. Yay!!

August 9th – Gone to Boston for a gig at Great Woods Amphitheatre. Whoops!, the on-stage video projectors broke down while we were  playing, so Pete stopped the Psycoderelict show in it’s tracks, excused the actors and asked them to leave the stage, and the band just played all the songs as a ‘normal’ show, no ‘acting’ or actors. Psycoderelict was never just a music show. We had on-board a few actors as well, cause this show was more like a “play-theatre-type Stage production. The audience didn’t give a shit. They just wanted to see Pete, whatever he was doing, as long as he was on stage they were happy.

August 10th – Off to Philadelphia for a gig at the Tower Theatre. Good gig! Great fans! This has been the best gig of the tour in my opinion.

August 10th – Off to Philadelphia for a gig at the Tower Theatre. Good gig! Great fans! This has been the best gig of the Tour in my opinion.

August 11th – It’s a day off today, so we drove from Philly to New York, a trip that just took us 2 and ½ hours. When we got to New York we checked into the Helmsley Palace Hotel, and just spent the rest of the day in bed. Nice, cosy.

August 12th – Great Tour, Last Gig! Jones Beach-Long Island- It’s a 1 and ½ hour drive to Jones Beach from New York. On arrival we settled in and got ready for the last show of this tour. It ’s an amphitheatre type gig, and we like these.

That evening we got stuck in and had a ‘great’ gig right there on the waterfront. After the show we made our way back to New York, and in the wee hours of the morn, late, late night type thing, most of us made our way down to the China Club for an end of tour bash. Me and Pete got up onstage and did a long jam session with the current resident local band. It was ‘Hot!!. Only time I can remember jamming with Pete like this in a club. Wish he’d do it more often. Great end to this Tour. Lovely! It’s all over now!


Me and Sue left N.Y. from Kennedy Airport at 7pm N.Y. time, and arrived back in London and Heathrow Airport at 7am London  time. We took a Taxi home to Grantham, Lincolnshire and it cost £90 with a £10 tip, but what the hell. I just finished the tour. Let’s ride home in style. We got home at 11am.

August 14th -  HOME AT LAST!! – Unemployed!! I spent the rest of August just resting, playing in my garden, working in my studio, buying music gear, Adat tape recorders, sound modules, paying Bills, and making up Rabbit Archive tapes to sell through Dave Clayton ’s Free Magazine. Got drunk a lot, and stayed up till 8am on many occasions, just farting around in my studio, drinking, playing, and generally reliving the tour I had just done. It was ‘GOOD’ to be Home.

August 31st – I received $17,988.59 for my 2nd half of the Psycoderelict Tour fees. Now how bad can that be!?

SEPTEMBER – More fun and games. I won’t go into it, but I did ‘sweet fuck-all’ in September, except have fun at home, got blind drunk. I did do a Snowy White gig on the 18th in Brentwood, at the Hermit Club, but the venue was shite, so it was nothing special, apart from the £150 cash.

OCTOBER – Same as September really. I bought some more music Gear. On the 4th an ITV program- ‘World in Action’ played some of my Dream Jungle cd music for that nights show about ‘Teenage Pregnancies’ etc, and the problems that go with that. It’s cool. It’s royalties. On the 19th Sue went to the dentist, and I stayed home and got drunk in my studio. Nothing unusual about that. It ’s the norm, so it seems. On the 21st I went down to London to rehearse with Snowy White at E.Z. Hire at 2pm. And also on that day I bought Billy Nicholls Korg SG1D Sampling grand piano keyboard for £1,000, and received in the Post a  Gold Record framed from Island for Free’s “The Best Of Free - All Right Now” album.

October 23rd – I did a gig with Snowy White, Kuma Harada on bass, and Jeff Allan on drums, in Vilsbiburg, near Munich, Germany. We left Heathrow at 11:45am, did the gig there, spent the night, and flew home next day. It was a fun time, cause I love Snowy, and will work with him whenever he calls. A brilliant guitarist! We got back home on the 24th and I spent the rest of October as per normal. Pub!!! And Studio.

November – On the 4th I flew to Switzerland for some more Snowy White gigs. Lovely Country. This trip we had me, Snowy, and his Dutch mates, Juan Van Emmerloot on drums and Walter on Bass. Roadies were Frank and Bob, from Holland, and the agent was Eric, from Switzerland. We did the 1st gig the day we got there. November 5th – Snowy Gig # 2. Switzerland. Playing with Snowy Is a real treat. He really respects the Hammond Organ, and doesn ’t try to hide it’s sound, like a lot of other people I work with do. It’s like some people hire me to play the Hammond, and then it’s like they are embarrased by the sound of it, so they hide it in the mix. What the fuck is that all about!? The Who do it all the time. I ’m always complaining to them about not being able to hear the Hammond. But they don ’t care. You have to fight to hear me playing on their gigs at all. So why the fuck am I there!? Turn the fucking Hammond and piano up guys. Come on! I want to be heard too!! Either turn it up or turn it Off!!!

November 6th – Snowy gig # 3 in Switzerland. Nice, cool, relaxing blues and jazz, and all that sort of stuff. Very Musical! Hint, hint!

November 7th – We all flew back home today. Nice little 3 day juant. Lovely, thanks Snowy. I spent the rest of November at home in my studio, having friends come up and play on my tracks and generally having nice visits.

DECEMBER -  This month was just a haze of alcohol, Rabbit albums being recorded in my studio, “Funk It”, and generally being a celebratory month, I just celebrated the Whole month. Drunk as a skunk all the time, playing music till the wee hours of the morning, just raising Hell!  I love it!.. On the 27th it says in my Diary, “Slept all day”, and on the 29th it says, “Okay, back to normal, have a slow day.” That means start drinking early. Goodbye 1993. It was a good year.

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