Diary 1987

Binbrook, Lincs.

Sunday, Jan 18 1987. I was trying to grow a Bonsai tree, so I stored the seed in the icebox for a bit. Today, I took it out of the icebox.

Tuesday, Jan 20 1987. I only have to send in my dole slips to Grimsby now, since I live too far away, and have no transport to go in and sign on.

Tuesday, Jan 27 1987. I had a meeting with Pete Townshend and Nick Goddeson (Pete's accountant), about me recording a 'new age' type instrumental album, at Pete's studio in Twickenham, Eel Pie studios. It would be my 'solo' project and would be produced by 'James Asher'. We had a 2'oclock meeting at Pete's with all concerned. I had recorded some stuff at home, in Binbrook, Lincolnshire, and gave it a title of 'pass the future', which was later to be changed to 'dream jungle', by James Asher. In fact, I recorded all the basic ideas for the album in one 'blast' at home, because, at the time, me and Sue were snowed in for a couple of weeks in our caravan in Binbrook. No one could get in or out of the caravan site, so I got my Korg DW8000 keyboard out, and just started playing for hours, looking out of the window at the snow, and gathering inspiration from its beautiful scenery. Some people say that my home demo version is more inspired than the actual finished recording of it. Ain't it a wonderful feeling you get, when you are stranded at home, whether by snow, rain, or what ever, and you know that you can't get out to pay your bills, and no one can get to where you live to deliver threatening letters of 'pay up now or else!' type correspondence? Even the mail man can't come. It leaves you with a nice warm glow about your person, the whole world has 'fucked off and left you alone in peace. I love it.

Friday, Jan 30 1987. The removal van has just arrived, from Portsmouth, where all our stuff has been in storage since our move from the beach-hut.

8am. Friday, Feb 27 1987. I received travel expenses, from Pete, to go to London to start recording my solo 'new age' album, dream jungle, at Eel Pie.

March 2 1987. It's the 1st day of recording on 'dream jungle'. Eel pie studios, 1Oam to 6pm. It's gonna be great! Pete put me and Sue up on his 'dutch barge' on the Thames, behind eel pie studios, for the duration of the sessions. The recording of the whole album took from March 2 to March 19 1987.

March 19 1987. The end. This is the last day of working on 'dream jungle'. We finished mixing the whole thing today. Chris Ludwinski, Pete's tape op at the time, was the original engineer for the project.

But, towards the end, he was getting more and more unhappy about working at Pete's place, and wanted to move up the ladder. He didn't want to be stuck behind a mixing desk anymore, but wanted to have more to do with the 'business' side of things. So, one day, while we were in the middle of working, he just got up and threw a tantrum. He yelled at the top of his voice, "I've had enough of this shit! I don't want to do it anymore! I quit!" I thought, okay, that's fine, but you happen to be quitting right at the end of my fucking album, you bastard! So, Chris stormed out of the studio, and apparently right out of Pete's studio, for good. We had to bring in 'Jools', Pete's other tape op, right hand man (girl), to come in and finish off the rest of the recording, and then she went on to mix the whole thing as well, and, she did a mighty fine job of it too. I never found out what happened to Chris Ludwinski, but never mind. The whole album cost around £2,500 of Pete's money. Thank you Pete, for another great time in the studio, and one more valuable lesson in the education of the inner workings of studio recording.

Sunday, March 22 1987. Back home to the caravan in Binbrook. I got some nice tapes from 'Dream Jungle' to listen to though. Yee-haw!!!

Tuesday, May 12 1987. I went to London to do a session for Steve Webb and Richard 'digby' Smith, my old friend and confident. We were to work at 'fame' studios. Start time was at 1 o'clock, and was to be produced by some ass-hole from New York, named Tony. I went, but, the whole thing got cancelled, and there was hassle over me getting paid anything at all for my trouble. In the end, I insisted that they pay me half of what I would have normally got, but it took a hell of a lot of haggling, and bullshitting around. I hate those situations. So, instead of recording, we all got shit-faced drunk. We argued some more about paying me something for my time and journey down to London. I ain't no fool. You can't take me for no ride! What a shit-head that guy was! So at the end of the day, I got no session, just a big hang-over, and half a sessions worth of money for my trouble.

Thursday, May 14 1987. Back to the caravan in Binbrook. What a fiasco the trip to London was. Come on, diga! Get me more reliable sessions.

Friday, July 17 1987. Sue's dad died today. What a fucked up day! God bless him and keep him safe. Poor sue. She's so wonderful, it hurts to see her cry! I'm sorry Sue.

Sunday. July 19 1987. I grew loads of spinach in my veg patch, and today harvested it, and stuck it in the freezer. I love gardening, and I grow most vegetables you can buy in the shops. It's brilliant! Home grown!

Monday, July 27 1987. I have an appointment with the 'job centre' in Grimsby today. 2:45 meeting. The only problem is, they can't find a suitable job for me to take, and they know it! I'm unemployable! I don't know anything about anything, except music. So I'm not even qualified to pump gas! And I'm drunk! Just a little bit I wouldn't be able to hold down a job, even if I had one.

Saturday, September 19 1987. Oh no! My frozen spinach has gone off! What a waste!

Monday, October 19 1987. I went to London, for the night, to do a session with John David,(a welsh friend of Andy Fairweather-Lowe and the bass player in Andy's band when I worked in Andy's band. I overdubbed Hammond organ on a track he was producing. Great results!

Tuesday, October 20 1987. Today, Jackie, Sue's daughter, had her first baby. It's a boy, and his name is Joey. He's got real blonde hair, just like his mom. I can hear the sound of little tiny feet, pitter-patter. Lovely!

Thursday, November 19 1987. I went to Tom Robinson's home studio, in Hammersmith, to do a session for him. He's a great guy. Takes no bullshit! I really like Tom and enjoy his music tremendously. That's it for 1987.

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