Sounds Magazine Interview 1976

QUOTE BY VOCALIST TERRY WILSON SLESSOR, full of impersonations of Rabbit  “Rabbit hates being American. We were talking about it one time and Rabbit said to Terry and Tony ”. (for Rabbit impressions Slesser sits bolt upright, chest out, chin in), “Your’re American and you’re strong awraht, but me – ‘aam internashnul, mufuckahs!” sless – “He’s right, there’s something about him”. – As a keyboard player, Rabbit was certainly more sympathetic to Kossoff than any others, but he ’s not exactly a Rocking Reginald Dixon of sweetness and light. – sless-“Just last night we were rehearsing with Rabbit on piano and all the time he’s reaching across with his right hand to where we haven’t got an organ for him, and giving me these looks. Then suddenly he throws the Fender Rhodes piano over and shouts, ‘How can ‘ah play in a band ‘laak this without tha right equipment!’, and then he storms away.” But a few minutes later he’s back, saying, ‘But I luv you mufuckah’, and he’s playing away with that smile on his face like he used to have when Koss went for the high notes on his guitar solos. You know he drinks all the time, but never so much that he can ’t play, and he’s the most sympathetic musician you could ever work with”. – When Rabbit says, in his quaint Texan accent, ‘ah’m not really a session man’, you’ve just got to laugh. He’s currently working on the new Sutherland Bros. And Quiver album, and in his time, has seen spells with Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Free, Ronnie Lane, and doubtless hundreds of others. The man doesn ’t have to say much, his fingers speak for him. – So Crawler have now reached their goal of putting a well balanced band together. Their hopes and ideals are best put by Rabbit, the quietest, though most experienced member of the band: ‘This is it. If this don’t work, then there’s nowhere to go. To me, it’s a Family thing, a long term band. It ain’t really important if it’s easy or not. This is it, and I’ve never been able to say something like that before. To be able to say that is like saying that you ’re not sorry about the contract you’re signing. And it’s not often you can say that! Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky’. – Paul Kossoff died on March 19, 1976, 4 weeks before Crawler’s new album, ‘Second Street’ was released.

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