Interview with Kevin Julie 2002

Judging by the Live disc (Pastime Dreamer), a lot of the band's success was in the Live show. You guys came off a bit heavier, very energetic, and seemed to really enjoy playing together (some cool jams and stuff). How was the band revered live, and how did you enjoy playing with that band?

We were a great Live band, no doubt, but our strengths and weakness were misplaced. We could play great, but I think that our 'show' let us down. We weren't exciting performers on stage, just great musicians. There was nothing for the audience to be in 'awe' of. It was a evening of great music for the audience, but not much 'show'. That was the way I always felt about gigging with the band. Maybe after doing my thing with Free, I expected too much from Crawler and often felt disappointed in our shows. After all, once you've been up their with Paul Rodgers in the front, and Simon on the drums, it was and 'exciting' thing to behold... But I can't take anything away from Crawler. They did what they did to the best of their ability, and we put on some great concerts...

Pastime Dreamer (and correct me if I'm wrong...) only includes songs from the Crawler Lps. Were there no Back Street Crawler or even Free songs ever included in the live set?

NOPE.....Just us guys......It's our show......

What can you recall of some of the Crawler touring highlights, such as biggest shows played, bands you toured with (opened for or had open for you), etc...?

Many.......Meatloaf.....Kansas.....Foreigner.......Doobie Brothers.....lots more.....

Can you give me a one-liner (or a few )about the bandmembers?  I take it you're in touch with a few of the guys still? (Any chance of ever playing together again?)

I'm in touch with every single one of them still, all the time. We're friends after all.

  • Tony....The guy to know.
  • Terry....Incredible Bass player.
  • Geoff....Wow! 
  • Sless....Lazy.
  • Rab......Too much Time on my hands.

How do You feel about the Pastime Dreamer release? It's an excellent recording BTW? Was it originally recorded with the intention of being released as a Live album perhaps?

It is a great recording, and no, it wasn't marked for release until I decided to do it. I've had a lot of thought about my old Crawler days, and decided that I did enjoy my time with them so much, that I wanted to make available and share some of my memories and good times with any fan out there that also enjoyed them. So I approached Red Steel and got them to Master my old tape and turn it into a CD for the fans, 'Pastime Dreamer'. Angel Air have also just released 'Crawler-Live at the Agora Club' this year, and there are many Crawler albums available from me and my own home-grown Crawler Cottage Industry CD's on my website. There's even a 'dedicated' Crawler section on the site, developed by Dave Van Staveren in California, so take a look, all you Crawler fans, and buy the CD's to support the band and give us a few pennies in our 'old age'.

Crawler may be one of the best overlooked bands of the 70s. For fans of classic rock, who would you recommend Crawler to?  (ps: are any other Crawler or Back Street Crawler albums on CD?)

I would recommend Crawler to any Rabbit or Who fans, and anybody who likes meaty rock and roll. There are other Crawler CD's available, see Q&A # 15.

How did you hook up with The Who, and how long have you been working with them?

I met Pete Townshend in 1976 during a session I was doing with Joan Armatrading - 'Show Some Emotion' album, produced by Glyn Johns. Glyn was due to work on a Pete/ Ronnie Lane album-'Rough Mix', and Pete asked Glyn about Keyboard players they could possibly use on the album. Glyn's response was, "I think we have the right guy here in the studio now. Why don't you come and meet him. His name is Rabbit, and he's from Texas."....So Pete came in, Glyn introduced us, and we got on like a House on fire... The rest is History... Pete asked me to join The Who in 1979, and I have been there ever since, to this day...

What have been some of the major highlights touring with The Who? (Are you on any studio albums BTW?)

The only Studio album of the Who that I'm on is 'Face Dances' I was in from the start on that one. Highlights with the Who are too numerous to list. What can I say. I play keyboards with the best 'Live' Rock and Roll band on the Planet. That is the highlight all by itself......

What projects are you currently working on? Solo stuff?

Yes, I'm always working on Solo stuff. I just did a 5.1 surround mix of my Northstar Music album 'With the Dolphins' for a DVD. It's lovely drifting Piano music laid across a bed of Dolphins singing. Quite unique......I'm also working on a proper Rabbit Solo Rock and Roll album, in my style. Geoff Whitehorn's on guitar, and Snowy White's drummer and bass player, Juan Van Emmerloot (drums) and Walter (bass) are busy doing their bit for it in Holland. We often work this way now-a-days. I'll do rough mixes on an Adat tape, send it to whoever is playing on the album, they'll do their bits on the Adat tape, send it back to me, and when it's all done, we have a complete Rabbit album. Technology, hey?...........

I have a brand new album released by Angel Air already this year, called 'Welcome to America' which is getting great reviews in the American press, plus my album 'Dream Jungle' (a new age type CD) has just been re-packaged and re-released this year by Red Steel Music. All of these can be viewed and bought from the relevant record companies, or from my website. All the details are there.........

Anything you wish to add about your Crawler days, solo stuff, or more recent works?

NOPE.....It's all on my website. Ya'll all have a look.........

Thanks very much,      John Rabbit Bundrick

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