Thoughts on Bob Marley's Catch a Fire

I already knew Bob when Chris Blackwell asked me to work on 'catch a fire', so we were already friends. I didn't know the other guys, but Bob was the real reason I was there anyway. It was an exciting musical adventure doing that album. New sounds, new instruments. Did you know that 'I' invented the use of the clavinet in reggae music? The first time the wah-wah clavinet and synthesizer were ever used on reggae music was when I introduced them to the Wailers during the making of 'Catch a Fire'. They loved it...

What is your favourite Bob Marley song and why?

I think it must be 'Concrete Jungle' and '400 years', and most of the stuff from 'Catch a Fire', cause they were so experimental for the day. We were like mad scientists on those sessions...

What is the most beautiful thing he taught to me?

The most beautiful thing has to be how to play the "chink-a-chink-a" reggae organ pattern. It's so much fun to do.

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