Toilet Music

Toilet Music

  • 01 Ice Man     ~ listen ~
  • 02 Incomprehensibly Lost
  • 03 Lov is an Animal
  • 04 Isolated Room     ~ listen ~
  • 05 End of the World
  • 06 Alien Contact
  • 07 Anger and Desertion
  • 08 Asylum
  • 09 Fox     ~ listen ~
  • 10 Bad Weather Day
  • 11 Bee Bee
  • 12 Black Soul
  • 13 Can't Talk Now
  • 14 Christmas
  • 15 Donna     ~ listen ~
  • 16 Dream Of You
  • 17 Electro Life
  • 18 Faith

Toilet music is just a collection of oddities I threw together from an experience of the dreadful music we all have to hear when we are in public toilets in hotels, restaurants, and such like. This album is my choice of stuff to hear while sitting on the toilet. Zak starkey gave me the idea when he and shush came for a visit. I was playing him some of my demos, and he remarked, "Rab, it's crap. It's like toilet music." We laughed and I took his remark as a gift. Hence my 'Toilet Music' album. I will carry it with me on the road, and whenever I am in the bar or restaurant toilet, I will play this album and drown out the music of the establishment

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