Celestial Mechanics

Celestial Mechanics

  • 01 Space Gutter
  • 02 Atmospherics
  • 03 That's Ok
  • 04 Chill Before Serving
  • 05 Seasick
  • 06 G8 Summit
  • 07 Take A Little Chance
  • 08 New Ages
  • 09 Culture Vulture
  • 10 Faith
  • 11 Cool
  • 12 On The Floor
  • 13 Living On A Level
  • 14 Sky Beings
  • 15 Taiowa
  • 16 Dimensions

This Rabbit Solo Album isn't just any ordinary new age concept. Included here is a variety of music styles, mostly written by Rab, but also includes compositions with a couple of new friends he's found.. Joey Meuross and Jon Dawson.

The 3 of them came up with 4 additional new tracks together on this cd, plus there is some vocal work from the fantastic singer Greg Brown, and a track or 2 with Geoff Whitehorn playing guitar. Even better, a couple of tracks are produced by Juan Van Emmerloot, who produced Rab's 'Welcome to America' album. Juan also plays drums on some tracks,too, so there's plenty for everyone here.

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